Atfarm to cyfrowe narzędzie opracowane przez firmę Yara

Które wykorzystuje obrazy satelitarne i na ich podstawie pomaga rolnikom w monitorowaniu wzrostu plonów. Tworzy ono także mapy niezbędne do zmiennego dawkowania nawozów.

Celem przyświecającym twórcom Atfarm jest udostępnienie metod precyzyjnego rolnictwa wszystkim rolnikom.

Misją firmy Yara jest odpowiedzialne dostarczanie żywności i ochrona planety.

Podchodzimy do tych wartości bardzo
odpowiedzialnie i każdego dnia pracujemy
tak, aby móc je realizować.

Atfarm has been developed with a team of experts and farmers with
over 20 years of experience in farming, agronomy and crop nutrition.

Marc Lambert
Agricultural Engineer

Marc spent a large part of his youth at his small family farm in the fertile region of Pays de Caux in Normandy. Having operated tractors and cultivated his fields by hand, agricultural studies were obvious to Marc to stay close to the agricultural environment. His early professional experiences brought him close to the field of fertilisation and crop nutrition, which has continued to be his focus since.

Marc coordinates and monitors the agronomic experimentation programs conducted by Yara France in collaboration his R&D colleagues in Germany. His studies focus on improving the efficiency of nitrogen fertilisation of field crops and minimising its environmental impacts, particularly through the development and refinement of Yara decision support tools. Marc is also strongly involved in the Comifer, the national association for the development of sustainable fertilisation, which brings together all the stakeholders around this subject.


Carl-Philipp Federolf
PhD Student in Crop Nutrition

Carl grew up on a family farm in the South of Germany with cattle fattening and cropping of silage maize, wheat and sugar beet. His family has been in farming for over 200 years so he decided to continue in the family trade by studying Agricultural Sciences at Hohenheim University. There he specialised in Agricultural Engineering for his BSc, with a special focus on Technology in Crop Production, before going on to to specialise in Crop Production Systems for his MSc. 

Carl continued his study of agronomy as a PhD student at  the Osnabrück University of Applied Science, where he did four years research into maize fertilisation. Carl now utilises his expertise as a Research Scientist in Crop Nutrition and Agronomy at Yara.


Dr Stefan Reusch
PhD in Applied Physics

Stefan studied physics in Kiel and did his PhD on an interdisciplinary project to develop an optical system to measure the crop nitrogen status on-line from a tractor during fertilizer application. After that, he joined Yara, continued the work and further developed the system towards a commercial product, the N-Sensor.

Working as a research scientist, Stefan got involved into numerous projects dealing with remote sensing, precision farming and image analysis as well as with hardware and software development. With more than 20 years of experience, he provides the algorithms that turn satellite images into application maps.