Apply nitrogenwhere it counts

Improve N use efficiency and secure yield goals.

Respond to the natural potential of the soil in your fields

Determine the right place for N fertilisation and improve yield quality, quantity and ultimately profitability.

Respond to the variability in your fields

Adapt to in field conditions

Adapt to in-field conditions

Make the most of every kilo of N applied by discovering the heterogeneity of your fields. Easily determine the exact place and N-rate to optimise growth potential.

Improve yield quality, season-after-season

Let your crops guide your application strategy. Apply N efficiently to better secure your target yield.

Improve yield quality season after season
Take action apply N where it’s needed

Take action, apply N where it’s needed

Create a map with recommendations backed by leading technology and knowledge from farmers like you. 

Discover the variability in your fields with Atfarm

From map to field in 4 steps:


Choose your crop growth stage and variable rate strategy

Adjust target N-rate to meet your N goals 

Edit application maps easily according to your knowledge of your fields

Download your Variable N-Rate Application map and upload to your spreader

Atfarm’s Variable N-Rate Application benefits you throughout the season

Farmers and agronomists agree:

Homogeneous Yield Growth B1

More homogeneous fields and crops

Farmer, Yield Raising

Better yield quality for every kilo of your N

Crop Protection

Reduce the likelihood of N overuse or crop lodging