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Create variable rate application maps with Atfarm using state-of-the art satellite imagery.

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Save costs​

Make your application more efficient and improve the N-balance with variable-rate.

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Optimise fertilisation

Your crops require different amounts of nitrogen within each field and through the season.

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Increase yield​

Take advantage of variable-rate application to reduce your fertilisation cost and increase yields.

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Variable rate application addresses different fertilisation needs within your field and lets you turn it into advantage.

Karsten Hiller

“I love Atfarm because it’s easy to use. You upload your fields, create the application maps based on a satellite images, take them to the spreader and ready to go.”

Remy Dumery

“I log in to Atfarm to find all my fields. With a biomass satellite picture I’m able to create my application map directly. All you have to do is exporting it to the terminal screen in the right format.”

Martin Stroppe

“Atfarm is very simple to use and I realized immediately about the value that it can offer me. A tool like this is very valuable, since I can see how much fertiliser I should apply in different zones.”

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We focus on delivering a tool that brings seamless experience to your fertilisation.

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We let you be in control of your fertilisation strategy and adapt it to your needs.

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You can create an application map and make modifications before exporting it.

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Sign up and optimise your N-fertilisation with Atfarm

Fertilise variably no matter the equipment you own

Use your variable-rate spreader or use our mobile-app to convert your smartphone into a fertilisation terminal.