Optimise crop nitrogen application

N-Tester BT is a handheld tool to measure N demand in the field.

Maximise nitrogen performance in a few steps

See how the N-Tester BT puts more precision into your hand

Instant measurements

Simply head to a field and hold the N-Tester BT onto plant leaves to take measurements. It instantly calculates the right N rate needed for maximum yield and protein.

Perfectly calibrated

Our expert agronomy team has calibrated N-Tester BT for a wide range of cereal crops and regions. Rely on recommendations you can trust, every time.

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Sustainable growth

Reach your yield and protein goals with precision application. Reduce wasted fertiliser by measuring the optimal in-season N rate and work more sustainably.

We built the N-Tester BT to help farmers, agronomists and advisors measure optimal nitrogen rates in real-time. Using digital technology, it sends recommendations to your device instantly via Bluetooth. N-Tester BT is based on Yara’s trusted crop nutrition knowledge – and 20 years of field trials.

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Get deeper insights with Yara’s digital tools

See how the N-Tester BT and Atfarm help you work through the season

Ntester BT

Create N-Tester recommendations

Measure N demand

Optimise fertilisation at key moments in the season. The N-Tester BT works with Atfarm to give precise on-field measurements for the second to fourth dressings.

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Generate application maps

Apply N variably

Place nitrogen where it matters with Atfarm variable application maps. Pair with N-Tester recommendations to redistribute the N-rate on your fields for a bigger harvest of higher quality.

Use satellite technology

Monitor your crops

See crop growth without driving to your fields. Track progress through every growth stage with the latest satellite images in Atfarm.

Choose N-Tester BT and optimise nitrogen use with fast, accurate insights