Variable-rate fertilizationfor non-variable spreaders

Atfarm App turns your smartphone into a terminal.

Raise Yield icon

Raise yield

Use the right amount of fertilizer across your whole field.

Monitor biomass

Apply the fertilizer where it’s needed by taking out the guesswork.

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Terminal upgrade

No terminal? No worries. The mobile app turns your smartphone into one.

Driving Mode lets you spread fertilizer variable by either speed or flow rate depending on your equipment.

Scout Online icon

Spread fertilizer precisely across your field with the equipment you already have.

Fertilise Variability icon

Change the flow in the terminal’s display with help of the app.

Turn your smartphone into a terminal and spread by speed or flow rate.

Optimize your fertilizer application with Driving Mode

Precision agriculture with your phone

The app’s Driving Mode helps you perform variable-rate fertilisation for optimised spreading and higher yields.