Monitor crop growth anywhere, anytime

Discover the areas of high potential and crop variability on your fields in 1 click.

See biomass changes in 1 click

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Biomass Comparison

Biomass Comparison allows you to see how the variability of your field has changed from week to week, month to month, or even year to year.

Atfarm makes monitoring crop development easy

Track progress and problems

Powerful biomass maps help you monitor crop health, field variability, and detect problem areas on your field anywhere, anytime. 

Advanced technology

Atfarm uses Yara’s N-Sensor vegetation index to generate biomass maps to help you understand your fields better.

Discover issues before they can impact your yield this season

Discover crop variability due to weather

Get maps that clearly show the changes in biomass development due to weather conditions like drought or flooding. 

Monitor field trial performance

Satellite imagery along with Yara’s agronomically robust biomass maps can help you easily analyse progress and evaluate any new practices or new products you’re testing.

Detect problems early on

With the satellite imagery updated every 3 to 5 days, you can identify potential problem areas after seeding and improve crop performance.

Monitor N-applications

Atfarm’s biomass maps help you monitor the effectiveness of N-applications and variable fertilisation in any field.

Advanced technology gives you insights beyond traditional crop monitoring

Sentinel-2 Satellites from the European Space Agency

Crop development insights beyond what the human eye can see

Know what is happening on your fields no matter where you are

Like a security system for your fields throughout the season

How to use Satellite Monitoring on your computer:

Use Satellite Monitoring on your mobile device: 

Number one

Log in to Atfarm

Add your field

Select a cloud-free image

See the biomass of your fields

Also available on the free Atfarm mobile app

Number one

Download the Atfarm app 

Log in to Atfarm

Add your field

Select a cloud-free image

See the biomass of your fields

Also available on desktop at

Get a bird’s eye view of your fields throughout the season

Satellite Monitoring is calibrated to accurately measure the biomass of most crops.








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