Accurate, reliable, efficientnitrogen management

Get field-specific recommendations throughout the season. 

Never miss good spreading or spraying weather again

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Weather and wind tracker

Plan up to 5 days in advance with weather forecasts from The Weather Company by IBM. See detailed hourly breakdowns of the day’s conditions at a glance. 

Based on your field location, get forecasts for:

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data capture 

How can Atfarm help optimise your fertiliser strategy?

Create a holistic Nutrition Plan


Create a holistic Nutrition Plan

Start every season with Nutrition Planning that gives you more than just calculations. Get the nutrition insights you need to reach your yield goals. 


Measure N-demand

Analyse your crop throughout the season with accurate nitrogen uptake values captured by N-Photo analysis and the N-Tester BT device. 

Optimise nitrogen use efficiency


Optimise nitrogen use efficiency

Improve crop growth and evenness by utilising the in-field measurements for variable nitrogen applications. 


Watch crop growth

Use Atfarm to measure your crops throughout the season using satellite technology teamed with Yara’s knowledge base – directly into the palm of your hand. 

Precise answers. Real results. Tools you can trust.

Take more control of your fertilization strategy. Atfarm is an easy-to-use digital platform that helps you make more informed decisions, improving farm productivity.