Precise farming made simple.

Atfarm helps farmers make accurate decisions about their fields. Based on satellite data and Yara’s experience in agriculture, we can optimise your  N-fertilisation and give you insights into crop growth.

Access to the world of precision farming


Save on your fertiliser costs and increase your yield potential optimising your N-fertilisation.

Monitor changes on your fields when a new image becomes available.

Use the N-Sensor technology to create variable-rate application maps for your N-fertilisation.

Atfarm is powered by Yara's
N-sensor algorithm.

Our team of scientists created a powerful technology that measures the crop growth of your fields using satellite technology.

Our algorithm looks for growth differences and based on that creates variable application maps for your N-fertilisation. 

It's simple.

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Atfarm helps you to monitor the growth of your fields with satellite images. Detect anomalies and make informed decisions.

Create variable-rate application maps with Atfarm using state-of-the art satellite imagery.

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