Crop monitoring made easy

Atfarm helps you monitor the growth of your fields with satellite images. Take decisions when addressing variability. 

Track growth

Monitoring crop growth allows you to base your decisions on reliable and comprehensive information.

Detect anomalies

Detect anomalies on time. Identify areas of your field that are behaving in an unexpected way.

Scout online

Plan ahead your next visit to your fields and prioritise areas that require a closer look.

Track the growth

Start using Atfarm from day one to monitor how your crop develops. Compare with images from previous years and benchmark the development.

N-Sensor Technology

With the N-Sensor technology, Atfarm can show variability in crop development even in advanced growth stages. This is particularly relevant for the late N-dressings.

The N-Sensor technology was developed with Yara’s expertise in precision fertilization and years of field trials. 

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It's for every farmer

You only need a computer with internet access to use Atfarm. You can also monitor your crops on-the-go with the mobile app.