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You can now create fertilisation application cards automatically on Atfarm. Read more.

Atfarm helps you

increase yield and quality

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“Atfarm allows you to adjust your fertilisation strategy for different applications, for example adding extra nitrogen where needed. This will help you meet quality expectations and achieve a more homogeneous crop harvest.”

Dr. Philipp Drerup

Atfarm expert, PhD in Agricultural Sciences

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Atfarm helps you

optimise nitrogen use

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“We are applying Yara research to Atfarm to help you adjust nitrogen rates according to weather and growing conditions; this will help make the best out of your crops growth potential.”

Dr. Holger Brück

Atfarm expert, PhD in Agriculture

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Atfarm helps you

reduce lodging

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“Atfarm allows you to optimise fertiliser rates according to different crop even within one field; addressing this in-field variability correctly will help you reduce lodging.”

Carl-Philipp Federolf

Atfarm Agronomist

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Used by over 4,000 farmers.
Managing 250,000 hectares and counting.


Manage your fields

Have all your fields uploaded and ready to use in just a few clicks.


Analyse and plan

Use biomass map overlays to assess the fertilisation needs of your field.

Utilise Yara’s model-based recommendation to optimise your N applications and react to growth conditions during the season.


Generate application map

Automatically create application maps based on the expertise of the Yara N-sensor. Easily export them to your tractor so you can spread your fertiliser with greater precision.

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Automatic application maps based on the Yara N-sensor expertise